Speakers 2017

John Quinn

Founder & Presentologist
Audience Alive
John Quinn

Raised and educated in Ireland, John arrived in Dubai in 1996 determined to make a difference to presentations that fell flat.  After several years with Gearhouse & Phillip, John started Satellite Visual Communications, an award winning presentology and eventology company. 

In 2015 Satellite launched the Audience Alive brand, a presentation design studio that creates dynamic presentations enabling companies to deliver their message with power and confidence while engaging and motivating audiences.  Since 2001, John has provided custom presentation services for over 500 local and international clients resulting in over 25000 slides for companies around the world and saved countless lives from ‘Death-by-PowerPoint’.  John’s creativity and professional design experience results in an effective presentation with impact.  

So what's a presentologist? A Presentologist uses the latest Presentation Technology to help you communicate your message better. Most presenters and speakers miss the mark. They may be experts, but they fail to communicate their message. They misuse PowerPoint. Or deliver poorly. Or both! The result? Boardrooms become ‘bored rooms.’ Audiences tune out and turn off.

AudienceAlive combines design, and leading-edge presentation technology, to take visual communication to a whole new level.

John will bring examples and short video reinforcers from his work across many countries and a few continents as well.


Workshop Session Overview - Super Presentation Techniques

This session will cover tips on how to structure presentations for optimum delivery giving first-hand experience in using the latest interactive technology.  His presentation will cover how to achieve the WOW factor through a range of techniques including but not limited to: logo animations; visual time references; using the 10.20.30 rule of presenting; bullet points versus infographics; amazing factoids, and more.  Turn outdated presentations into interesting and interactive events – a skill required by all of us.

Presentation outcomes

  • Gain an appreciation of the value and benefits of interactive technology at events
  • Become familiar with tips and tech to improve presentations
  • Understand the impact of websites and all visuals on your company’s overall image
  • Learn how to successfully incorporate event apps, and other tools to your various communication mediums

Hamish McEwen

Intelligence Manager
Sport NZ
Hamish McEwenweb

Hamish has recently undertaken a new role to establish a single team of researchers, evaluators and insights specialists inside Sport NZ, having joined two years ago to establish Sport NZ’s insights programme. In his time at Sport NZ Hamish has led the development of several new approaches to understanding what’s important to New Zealanders, and developed a completely new way of sharing information and data through the Insights Tool. Hamish joined Sport NZ having had experience in customer experience design, marketing, business development and product development in major NZ and global firms.







Presentation Overview

A workshop on the new Sport NZ demographic tool called “Insights”, used to identify the demographic characteristics of the sporting population of New Zealand.  It will demonstrate how the markets can quantified and defined for a new sport event idea and/or target more accurately  your sport and active recreation event attendees? Use the insights tool to understand more about your event participants.


  • Demographic information applied to events
  • Become familiar with a computer tool that is simple and easy to use yet powerful in what it can do to help understand market/s
  • Gain hands on experience in using the insights tool and understanding of its capability

Event Showcase

Profiling our Cool, Wonderful, Weird and Wacky Events

Presenters - Claire Blau, John Rae, Lisa Buckingham, Chris Preece, Terri van Schooten

Presentation Overview

We have a selection of some of New Zealand’s coolest weird and wacky events.  The brief we gave was to tell us how your event got started, why it has appeal and what are the things you focus on to achieve excellence.

Session Outcomes

  • An entertaining look at others approach to events
  • Increased appreciation for events that are outside the mainstream
  • Increased understanding about what you focus on to make your event a success

Claire Blau

Major Events
Venture Southland
Claire Blau crop

Claire Blau is from Melbourne in Australia and has been in the event industry for close to 10 years. During this time Claire has worked across both private and public sectors, for not-for-profit organisations, organising conferences, fundraisers and community and corporate events. Claire currently works for Venture Southland in Invercargill, running major events including the Burt Munro Challenge and the ILT Kidzone Festival. Claire looks forward to bringing new and exciting events to Invercargill.

John Rae

Event Director
John Rae crop

John has a keen interest in Motorsport, Classic Cars and Hot Rods and has been involved in Motorsports for over 35 years and at the age of 62 still races.  He competes on a regular basis in national events such as the NZ Targa series.

John’s passion for Classic Cars and Hot Rods is what lead to the event Americarna NZ, which in February this year, celebrated ten years.  The event was started when John was the Chairman of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce and ran an event for the Chamber, however this started to take the focus off the Chambers core activities, and consequently, John purchased the event from the Chamber and later formed an Events Trust which will be discussed in his presentation.

The event has been held three times outside of the Taranaki Region – twice in Invercargill and once in Lower Hutt.  These out of Taranaki events presented challenges to the point where it is now a Taranaki based event.

Americarna has been filmed and shown worldwide and the opportunity to grow international visitor numbers is unlimited and an area we need to continue to develop.

Lisa Buckingham

Festival Director
Queenstown Winter Festival
Lisa Buckingham crop1

Lisa Buckingham is a business development, marketing and event specialist and has spent the last five years as the Festival Director of the Queenstown Winter Festival.

Lisa was born and raised in Southland, attended Otago University and has held several roles in NZ including Pernod Ricard Territory Manager, Tourism Manager for Venture Southland and Events & Promotions Officer at Invercargill City Council.  Lisa also spent several years living in the UK and held a range of events and marketing roles.  She has a strong background in developing and executing events, strategies and marketing plans as well as managing teams of varying sizes and building relationships with sponsors and suppliers. 

Lisa's responsibilities as Festival Director entails driving the strategic direction and management of the well recognised and award-winning Queenstown Winter Festival. 

Chris Preece

Event Manager
International Tattoo Expo

My past employment roles have been based around education. I worked in a specialist learning school for eight years and it was during this time that I decided to create a unique event that had a point of difference from everything else going on at that time. I have a passion for art, and obviously tattoos. It was during a tattoo session that I was chatting about the lack of youth orientated activities happening in the City. I decided to make a change, and from this the NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo was created.

Terri van Schooten

Verve - The Event Agency
Terri van Schooten

Terri has been involved in the event scene in New Zealand for nearly 20 years. In 1999 she founded Verve, an events and live communication agency. In the early years, Verve played a significant part in building Wellington’s “Events Capital” scene.  Verve created and set the template for the Lord of the Rings premieres, the Wellington Rugby Sevens and the Pinot Noir festival to name a few high-profile events of the time which Verve was involved with.

Verve continues to be at the forefront of event creation with recent projects including BarberCraft and Shiny Side Up alongside business events focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship which is Terri’s passion.  Verve also works in the area of live communications delivering messages and brand activations through the powerful medium of events.

Terri is passionate about contributing to the growth and development of the events’ industry.  She has employed many newbies, mentored interns and was on the Board of NZAEP (now NZEA) for six years, five of those as Chair.

Panel Session - Keeping the Spirit of Events

Working within Liquor Licensing Regulations

Panel - Kevin Murphy, Anna Nielson, Shane Harmon

Presentation Overview

The panel of different experts, representing different viewpoints will discuss and debate the latest trends in event messaging around events, and look at how to market and deliver events within the spirit of the NZ Liquor licensing legislation. The panel will cover issues around compliance and control and the partnerships needed to meet requirements for safe and affordable events.

Session Outcomes

  • Gain understanding of the different outcomes and viewpoints of those involved in compliance and control of events with alcohol.
  • Consider ways to improve the messaging around events with alcohol.
  • Learn about the compliance related costs on the affordability and viability of some events within New Zealand.
  • Gain insights into developing working relationships with licensing authorities and other key stakeholders for effective messaging and successful delivery
  • Develop messages for NZAEP as the industry spokesperson and advocate on how we would like them to work with Licensing Authorities and the New Zealand Police (collective voice for the event profession).

Kevin Murphy

Event Manager
Napier City
Kevin Murphy

Previously Sport Hawke’s Bay commercial manager, overseeing funding, sponsorship, promotions and events, Kevin is now Event Manager at Napier City Council.  Kevin has managed or promoted a number of events including the Hawke’s Bay Sports Awards and the Tremains Triathlon.  He has also co-ordinated events such as the Hawke’s Bay Blues, Brews and BBQs Festival, and the Bay Sports Ball.

Anna Nielson

General Manager
Toast Martinborough
Anna Nielson1

Toast Martinborough General Manager Anna Nielson has always loved food and wine, and has an equal passion for helping the people who lovingly prepare, manufacture or grow it.

Looking for opportunities and to see a gap in the market has been a constant theme throughout Anna’s career to successfully connect producers with equally enthusiastic customers and markets to grow their businesses.

Anna joined Toast Martinborough in 2015 and was immediately faced with the daunting task of helping New Zealand’s premier wine, food and music festival navigate its way through the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act. Two years on, the iconic event has successfully transitioned the new way of operating while continuing to turn on a damn fine event that keeps people returning year after year.

Anna is no stranger to reinvention, as a co-founder and previous co-director of Wellington on a Plate the annual month long, city-wide event credited with lifting the Wellington restaurant industry out of the winter doldrums she has seen how a good idea can quickly turn fortunes. Prior to that she was part of the team that  wooed the famous Le Cordon Bleu French cooking school to Wellington, firmly placing New Zealand on the map as a country serious about its food.

Anna, husband Scott, and their two young children live in the beautiful village of Greytown in the Wairarapa, where she continues to satisfy her passion for wine and food.

Shane Harmon

Chief Executive Officer
Westpac Stadium

Shane is a senior executive within the sports and major event industries with 15 years experience in Australia and New Zealand.  He is currently CEO of Westpac Stadium in Wellington and specialises in sports and major event management and leadership, strategy

He is a veteran of two Rugby World Cups; RWC 2003 in Australia where he was Head of Marketing, and most recently RWC 2011 in New Zealand where he was General Manager, Marketing and Communications for Rugby New Zealand 2011, the Local Organising Committee. 

He has also worked as General Manager Marketing for Australian Rugby Union, and as Membership and Direct Marketing Manager for the Sydney Swans Football Club, in Australia's AFL (Aussie Rules).

Teresa Patterson

CRS Management
Teresa Patterson

Teresa started in the Music Industry 24 years ago working for Major Record labels – first at Polygram Records for 5 years (now Universal) in sales, promotion and marketing and then at Virgin Records for 5 years as Head of Marketing/Label Manager creating and executing successful campaigns in NZ for international and local bands like Portishead, Salmonella Dub, Massive Attack, Spice Girls, Faith No More, Chemical Brothers, Van Morrison, Sting and more.

As an Artist Manager she has helped the careers of many local bands including Scribe, Six60, I Am Giant, Elemeno P, Blindspott and Iva Lamkum both in a management role and as their booking agent/promoter/tour manager for their local and international tours.  For the last 10 years she has been part of the local promoter team for the Big Day Out and Auckland City Limits and has helped toured international bands in NZ like FUN, Snoop Dogg, Crystal Castles, Pretty Lights, Alabama Shakes, Odd Future, Bring Me The Horizon, Leon Bridges, Sleater Kinney, Flume and more.  Teresa is also Chairperson of the NZ Music Managers Forum and last won Industry Champion for her contribution to the NZ Music Industry via the MMF. 


Presentation Overview

This session will explore the Music Manager’s world and its link/relevancy to the event industry.  It will give an understanding of how the music industry is structured in New Zealand and where to go to find artists and what the Music Managers Forum network offers the event sector.  Q & A’ to follow


  • Appreciation of how the music industry is structured
  • How event managers can link to this structure
  • Logistics for musicians wanting to promote their music
  • Process of bringing talent to events and festivals

Lorraine Barry

Lorraine Barry Management
lorraine Barry1

A former Director of International Marketing for Virgin Music Group in the UK, Lorraine Barry is now a Music Manager in her new homeland of New Zealand.  

Born in the seaside town of Whitehead in Northern Ireland, she left school at 16 to train as a journalist before moving into music and relocating to London.

In 16 years with Virgin Music Group as Promotions, Label Manager, Head of Product Management then Head of International Marketing, Barry helped shape the global careers of artists including Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Ice T, John Lee Hooker, Placebo, Gomez, The Verve, Chemical Brothers and the phenomenon that was the 34-million-selling Spice Girls.   

She was promoted to Director in 1997, overseeing the international marketing, promotion and production teams and in 1999 she won the Special Achievement Award at the UK music industry’s Women of the Year Awards.  


Presentation Overview

This session will explore the Music Manager’s world and its link/relevancy to the event industry.  It will give an understanding of how the music industry is structured in New Zealand and where to go to find artists and what the Music Managers Forum network offers the event sector.  Q & A’ to follow 


  • Appreciation of how the music industry is structured
  • How event managers can link to this structure
  • Logistics for musicians wanting to promote their music
  • Process of bringing talent to events and festivals

Panel Session

Managing the Capacity Story Around Events

Panel - Jessica Beyeler, Rachael Shadbolt and Ian Collier

Presentation Overview

This session will look at the concerns event managers have around getting properly connected as they chase events into their regions, areas and cities.  A greater understanding of the significance of an area’s capacity before the event deal is done is often overlooked.  This panel session of experts will discuss what happens when events arrive into regions where tourism, hospitality, travel and accommodation capacity is not considered.


  • Where to go and who to talk to avoid capacity issues
  • How best to collaborate in a region on capacity for events
  • Understand the importance of avoiding the “loan wolf” and “silo” approach  
  • How best to reach out to Tourism Bureau’s and talk to those supplying the infrastructure - BEFORE committing to bring events to an area

Through panel members sharing of stories, delegates will gain an appreciation that this is a real issue, it happens regardless of the size of the location or the size of the event and it has significant impacts on the business sector.  Panel members will share best practice examples of collaboration to avoid the capacity trap.

Jessica Beyeler

Business Events & Partnerships Manager
Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
jessica B1

With 20 plus years in the industry, Jessica’s knowledge and experience spans the travel, tourism, airline, events and hospitality sectors. She is currently Business Events and Partnerships Manager at the recently amalgamated Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, (incorporating Business Events Wellington), and is the Chair of the New Zealand Convention Bureau and a CINZ Board member.

Jessica has worked in Travel & Tourism education, plus managed incentive travel programmes, large-scale corporate hospitality and destination marketing.  She was also key member of Air New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup management team.

Jessica’s broad industry experience and extensive relationships allow her to effectively understand, lead and advise on a range of opportunities across the sector.

Rachael Shadbolt

General Manager
Hospitality New Zealand
Rachael Shadbolt1

Rachael joined the team in early 2016 as GM Accommodation, Partnerships and Communication. Her role keeps her busy heading up the new Accommodation NZ division within Hospitality New Zealand, which represents the commercial accommodation sector in New Zealand.

When she's not busy advocating on behalf of the accommodation sector she can be found negotiating partnership deals for members and ensuring hospitality and accommodation issues are communicated in a loud and clear voice to local and central government and to the media - and to anyone else who will listen.

Rachael has an extensive background in accommodation and tourism, having originally trained in hotel management and then branched out into tourism and events. Along the way she started speaking up on behalf of the sectors she worked in and, while challenging at times, decided that this was where she could do the most good.  She has a deep appreciation for the challenges associated with operating in the hospitality sector and understands the commitment, passion and determination required to succeed.

Ian Collier

Regional Affairs Manager
Air New Zealand
Ian Collier1

Having been expelled from high school for his misguided and disruptive behaviour, Ian joined Telecom as an apprentice linesman and he has never looked back. He spent 22 years with the company, progressively moving up through the business and holding a number of senior management positions, primarily in sales and marketing through to the time he left in 2001.

Ian moved into the retail sector as CEO of the Cash Converters franchise group, intent on learning about the retail industry, expanding and testing his knowledge base. After 3 years in this role he decided to set up his own consulting business primarily focused on managing structural change. In 2007 he was approached by Air New Zealand to manage the Central region and six years later he took up his current role as Regional Affairs Manager, responsible for managing the airline’s relationships with Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Regional Tourism Organisations, Economic Development Agencies and Airports across New Zealand.

Ian has had a long association with Rugby, having managed the relationship with NZ Rugby for both Telecom and Air New Zealand. He joined the board of the Pulse Netball franchise in 2008 and was appointed as Chairman in 2010, standing down in 2014 when he moved to Auckland. Ian is an Associate member of the Institute of management and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors. Ian loves all sport and enjoys fishing in his spare time. He is deeply passionate about New Zealand and to contributing towards a sustainable future for the economy, our people and the country. 

Jason Cameron

Major Events Co-ordinator
Events & Venues Rotorua
Jason Cameron1

Jason is an accomplished tourism and events professional with a proven track record in building tourism and event businesses.  He has specialised skills in event management including strategic planning, financial management, public relations, community consultation, sponsorship procurement and event execution. 

An innovative event creator and developer of events, like the upcoming Mudtopia, he has worked on a diverse range of events at local, regional, national and international levels.  These include The National Bank Mile Series, Goat Adventure Run, Fire & Ice Festival, Air NZ Ride the Runway and TORO NZ Speedgolf Open.

Jason is passionate about the successful delivery of events, the total event experience, consumer satisfaction and value.




Presentation Overview

Creating a new event has many challenges & opportunities to engage with different stakeholders.  An insight into the development of a concept and the steps required to take to major homegrown event status with Rotorua’s new unique event Mudtopia.  Take a journey through the steps taken and the lessons learnt around event design, funding, sponsorship, political buy in, local engagement and the risks being faced as the first delivery of the event draws near (scheduled for December 2017).


  • Learn about the steps required to get a new event off the ground.
  • Gain understanding of the business case and research required to present the case
  • Understand the process to get stakeholder support and the challenges faced in achieving this
  • Experience a longitudinal event where there are insights into the preparation and expectations with the opportunity to review the outcomes after the first delivery.
  • Discuss other event concepts and how these might be developed.

Martin Croft

Major Events Manager
Events & Venues Rotorua

Major Events Manager for Rotorua Lakes Council.  Martin has been a key figure in the development of Rotorua as a major events destination, responsible for delivering on the Major Events Strategy for the city.  In his time with Council he has led and been involved with Rugby World Cup 2011, Rotorua GLO Festival, Rotorua Bike Festival and is currently part of the inaugural Rotorua Mud Festival.  Passionate about events and the positive difference they can make on a population, Martin is determined in his role with NZEA to make a positive difference to the industry as a whole.








Presentation Overview

Creating a new event has many challenges & opportunities to engage with different stakeholders.  An insight into the development of a concept and the steps required to take to major homegrown event status with Rotorua’s new unique event Mudtopia.  Take a journey through the steps taken and the lessons learnt around event design, funding, sponsorship, political buy in, local engagement and the risks being faced as the first delivery of the event draws near (scheduled for December 2017).


  • Learn about the steps required to get a new event off the ground.
  • Gain understanding of the business case and research required to present the case
  • Understand the process to get stakeholder support and the challenges faced in achieving this
  • Experience a longitudinal event where there are insights into the preparation and expectations with the opportunity to review the outcomes after the first delivery.
  • Discuss other event concepts and how these might be developed.

Mike Hall-Taylor

Managing Director
HT Group
Mike Hall Taylor1

If there’s a major sponsorship deal being done in New Zealand, chances are, Mike Hall-Taylor and his company HT Group have a hand in it.  With more than 20 years experience at the top of sports marketing and management in Europe and now New Zealand, Mike is one of this country’s leading sponsorship specialists.

Mikes introduction to sports sponsorships came in the mid to late 90s when he managed golf, Formula One, cricket, and other sponsorships for the UK’s largest sports sponsor at that time, Benson Hedges.

Head hunted by Eddie Jordan to head up marketing for Jordan’s Formula One team, Hall-Taylor was responsible over five years for a $120 million annual budget and instrumental in developing ‘brand Jordan’ which included a range of clothing, energy drinks and other services. 

Following the sale of the Formula One team in 2005, Mike founded Haygarth Sports Marketing with offices in Silverstone and London. This successful agency specialized in working with some of the UK's largest brands to maximise their sponsorships. Following a merger, Mike then established his current sports marketing company, HT Group. 

In 2009, Mike set up the New Zealand branch of HT Group and the company now boasts New Zealand Rugby, the Edmund Hillary family, New Zealand Rugby League, Yachting New Zealand and a number of leading corporates amongst its high profile clients.


Presentation Overview

What are our sponsors seeking and paying for? An insight on the current sponsorship market place including;

  • should the term sponsorship still be used in the NZ market
  • where sponsorship sits in the corporate structure so know who to approach
  • what are some of the changes in targeted events and products
  • who are the emerging sponsoring companies. 

The session will cover tips on how to approach sponsors more effectively including companies with off shore head offices.  With their activity in the market, Mike will share what seems to be working and for what type of sponsorships.


  • Gain greater understanding of the sponsorship market
  • Learn how it should be approached
  • Gain insights into some of the changes to the sponsorship market
  • Get an overview of trends in sponsor decision making

Sarah Lewis

Sursum Consulting
Sarah Lewis1

Sarah's career started in 1998 with the DB Bitter Warriors (as they were then known) with a focus on public relations and communications. A few months working under the Sponsorship and Events team soon changed the direction of her career into a much more commercial direction and 20 years on Sarah has worked for many names in the Sponsorship industry on both sides of the fence with a CV including familiar brands such as TVNZ, APN and Telecom. This included working on the launch of M2, Canvas Magazine, The Herald on Sunday and Telecoms 3G launch. 

In 2009 Sarah moved to London where she headed up the relationship and project management for the HSBC Airbridge partnership on behalf of the BAA Airport Group. This experience saw a transition into leading the product development and eventually leading Heathrow Airport's Private Aviation and Diplomatic Services department. This tenure included heading up the city's VIP arrival and departure programme for the 2012 London Olympics and the Queens Jubilee celebrations. 

On return to NZ in late 2013 Sarah took up the post of GM Commercial for New Zealand Rugby League leading the 2014 Four Nations Tournament delivery in NZ.

More recently Sarah has moved to Tauranga where she juggles motherhood and a career. Sarah is also a member of the Advisory Board for Mudtopia. 

Shane Vuletich

Managing Director
Fresh Information Ltd
Shane V2

Shane Vuletich is Managing Director of The Fresh Information Company, which specialises in strategy, measurement, evaluation and forecasting. 

He has completed many notable projects in Auckland during his 17 years as a consultant including development of Auckland's tourism, major event and business event strategies, provision of advice on cruise tourism and infrastructure, and management of due diligence processes for major events including Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup, FIFA U20 World Cup and the NRL Auckland Nines. 

Shane has a first class honours degree in economics from the University of Auckland.





Presentation Overview

As scrutiny comes onto events the pressure to demonstrate and measure value increases. Participate in a discussion with one of our best about the transition away from pure economic assessment toward a more ‘cost-benefit’ method of evaluating events for stakeholders, sponsors and funders.


  • Learn about event evaluation methodologies
  • How event success and event impacts are being measured
  • Understand non-economic impact methods of assessing value and how these impact events
  • Understand the cost/benefit approaches to proving the worth of events in a range of event types and contexts

Panel Session - Strategic Business Partnerships

Our Future Events

Panel – Jason Cameron, Paul Charteris, Tim Day and Nick Reader

Presentation Overview

Members of the ‘Event Collective’ consider event strategy as applied to their upcoming project, the Mount Ruapehu Ring-of-Fire Volcanic Relay.  They are excited to report: event success builds capability; a collaborative mind-set opens up new possibilities; sharing risk mean much larger events are possible; and a marriage of different skills but common goals all add to make a powerful business strategy. 

Each of the presenters will share their insights into different aspects and benefits associated with shared skills and knowledge across the team.


  • Learn about the power of working in collaborations
  • What a collective approach can mean for increasing capability to deliver events
  • Why some events are beyond the reach of individual event companies
  • How to make an event partnership work

Nick Reader

Ruapehu Ring of Fire
Nick Reader2

Nicks event involvement stems from a love of the NZ Outdoors.  He sees endurance events as the perfect way to get people inspired, active and discovering more about the Great Outdoors and also themselves along the way.  Hence his Company Element Events catch phrase “In your element, in the elements”.

Taupo based Nick has a rich and diverse event experience.  Epic Events was his first company formed in 2000 that specialised in off road motorcycling events which quickly grew to be the market leader in NZ attracting up to 2000 riders per weekend at its peak.

In 2011 Nick jumped fence from the private to the public sector by taking up a developmental role with the Taupo District Council as the District Events Manager – becoming the guy who invested into events rather than the one trying to gain Council investment. 

After a gap year in 2015 travelling around NZ and Europe with his young family in an underpowered and unreliable motorhome, Nick returned to NZ to rejoin the commercial event sector.  The first event produced was the Giant Ruapehu Express which attracted an impressive 800 Mountain Bikers.  

2017 sees Nick working as the Operations Manager with NZ Trail Runs – the Company behind the Tarawera Ultramarathon, Tarawera Trail Marathon and Waitomo Trail Run.  Nick’s latest ‘eventure’ is a collaboration with Jason Cameron, Tim Day and Paul Charteris.  The four event managers have formed ‘The Event Collective’ which has led to the creation of the ‘Ring of Fire’ event to be held 7 April 2018.

Paul Charteris

NZ Trail Runs Ltd
paul tim cave1

Paul Charteris is founder of the Tarawera Ultramarathon - New Zealand's largest ultra distance running event and, after ten years, is one of the world's major ultra runs. Together with Tim Day, and a cast of hundreds, he organises the Tarawera Ultramarathon, the Tarawera 100 mile endurance run and also shorter distance events like marathons. Together Tim and Paul founded the Waitomo Trail Run. They describe their target audience as 'maniacs on legs'. 

Tim Day

Race Director
NZ Trail Runs Ltd
Tim Day1

Tim is a NZ Trail Runs Ltd owner and is the Race Director for the Tarawera Ultramarathon, the Tarawera Trail Marathon and 50K walk/run and NZ’s largest trail run, the Waitomo Trail Run.  After participating in previous Tarawera Ultramarathons, Tim joined the NZ Trail Runs team in late 2013 to help organise the infamous 2014 Cyclone Lusi race and hasn’t left since.  

Tim’s passion is for the outdoors. He lives, works and plays in the amazing and freely accessible natural environments New Zealand has to offer. The places he likes to work, run, bike, hunt, fish, tramp & camp with friends and family are the places he professionally helps people to experience, to understand and to protect.

Professionally, Tim has spent the past 25 years working with native and pest animals in New Zealand and international conservation projects. Most of his career has been in the commercial sector, where he’s been responsible for large teams and multi-million dollar budgets. In practice, he’s a fun-loving, yet organised and efficient company and project leader, designing world class race courses, overseeing the delivery of NZ Trail Runs event experiences, and providing expert advice. Tim prides himself on building relationships and collaborating with like-minded people to achieve significantly enhanced event outcomes. He is currently exploring ways to better blend event-based recreation with meaningful conservation activities, for the long-term benefit of all. Assisting with the development and delivery of world-class events, in epic locations that highlight what makes New Zealand so special, is a key part his strategy.