Joanna Norris


Joanna Norris is the Chief Executive of ChristchurchNZ, the new economic development and city profile agency charged with igniting bold ambition for Õtautahi Christchurch.   Previously Joanna was the Editor of the Press and South Island Editor in Chief for Fairfax Media.

Joanna joined ChristchurchNZ in October 2017 and is passionate about the city and region and the role of ChristchurchNZ to ignite excitement, connect changemakers and grow confidence.  An ardent city leader, Joanna, is focussed on growing the city’s reputation as a vibrant and exciting place surrounded by mountains and beaches - a place where our people experiment and explore new ideas and innovate in business, technology and society.

She believes each generation has a responsibility to care for the built, natural and social heritage that it inherits from the last.

John Quinn

Founder & Presentologist
Audience Alive
John Quinn

Raised and educated in Ireland, John arrived in Dubai in 1996 determined to make a difference to presentations that fell flat.  After several years with Gearhouse & Phillip, John started Satellite Visual Communications, an award winning presentology and eventology company. 

So what's a presentologist? A Presentologist uses the latest Presentation Technology to help you communicate your message better. Most presenters and speakers miss the mark. They may be experts, but they fail to communicate their message. They misuse PowerPoint. Or deliver poorly. Or both! The result? Boardrooms become ‘bored rooms.’ Audiences tune out and turn off.

AudienceAlive combines design, and leading-edge presentation technology, to take visual communication to a whole new level.  John will bring examples and short video reinforcers from his work across many countries and a few continents as well.



Presentation Overview - Planet of the Apps

Take a trip to ‘Planet of the apps’, a quick-fire introduction to the apps that can be used to disrupt and differentiate 

Presentation Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge of cutting edge technology set to disrupt events
  • How to use these changes to your best advantage
  • How to combat and move with the times
  • Glimpse opportunities that are out there

Emily McLean

Social Media Manager
Commissions for Financial Capability - CFFC

Emily loves nothing more than trying out new ideas and ways of doing things.

As a Millennial herself, she knows exactly what drives, motivates and challenges her generation. A former journalist, Emily now specialises in turning ‘non-sexy brands’ into stars on social media having worked with the accounting firm, Deloitte, and the shipping firm Maersk and now with the Commission for Financial Capability.

She has been involved in researching the rewards and challenges the Millennial demographic bring to our workplaces and the buying market having written ‘The Millennial effect – what this means for our workplaces and our markets’ using data from her own research and the Deloitte Millennial Survey. She considers herself an aspiring surfer and has found an unexpected love for cricket over the past year or so.



Presentation Overview - Preparing for New Target Markets

Understanding Millennials and Gen Z and what you need to do in your organisation to prepare for Generation Z.  This session will give insights into both and the differences between them with comment on events and how Millennials and Gen Z are being targeted by promotion differently.

Presentation outcomes

  • Greater understanding of Millennials and Gen Z
  • How to target both audiences
  • Insights and social media trends 

Jackie Blunt

Wellbeing Coordinator
Lincoln University
Jackie Blunt

Dr Jackie Blunt is a Wellness Coach and Educator who loves working with people to increase health, happiness and a deeper sense of wellbeing. She brings experience and inspiration from her work as a Wellness Coach, and combines this with in depth knowledge of brain and body health from her work as a GP, a Brainwave trust Aotearoa presenter, and a Yuan Gong Qigong and meditation teacher.

 Jackie has been a GP for over 25 years, and worked in the wellness area for more than a decade. She has seen the results of constant unrelenting stress in a wide range of people and professional groups.  Recent findings on the effects of our modern life on the health of the brain and body support the very real need to learn strategies to relax and recharge on an everyday basis and from moment to moment.

 Jackie teaches relaxation strategies from a wide range of areas including brain science, positive psychology, exercise science, qigong, mindfulness, and meditation.  She currently works as the Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Lincoln University, as a Brainwave Trust presenter, Yuan Gong teacher, and Alive to Life Wellness Coach.

Presentation Overview - Finding the Calm in the Storm

Modern life is extraordinarily and constantly busy, and yet our brain and bodies are physiologically set to flourish in a life that is rhythmic with activity and rest. In this session we will be looking at the effects on our physical and mental wellbeing of constant and changing flows of information, technology and ceaseless activity without rest, and what we can do about it to live well in a challenging environment. This includes:

Presentation outcomes

  • What does it mean for the brain and body to live well?
  • How the brain works and how to train the brain to manage the “noise”
  • Growing mental fitness as a tool for resilience
  • How different strategies for health work in different ways
  • Choosing the one you need for your own situation


Workshop Overview - Tools to Use in the Storm

In the explore workshop we'll spend about 20 minutes with four different techniques. We'll talk briefly about them so you understand why they work and what they are good for, and then you'll have a chance to play with them and see what really suits you best.  

Caution: Relaxation ahead! 

Workshop Outcomes

  • Brain breaks- what your brain needs to regulate itself in different situations, how to do it, and let's give it a try
  • Moving meditation- simple, gentle rhythmic movement to calm and settle brain and body
  • Mindfulness- using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques
  • Tactical self regulation-breath work, how to relax anywhere, anytime, whatever is going on