About NZEA

The growth and economic impact of major events in New Zealand has highlighted the need for a professional body to speak for, and advocate on behalf of, the events industry and to liaise with Government agencies. The New Zealand Event Association (NZEA) was established by Peter Burley as a result of a survey of attendees at the fourth ETF conference.

Established in September 2005, for the purpose of being the industry association for event professionals in New Zealand, the original board included a group of key players in the event industry.  They were instrumental in the successful establishment of a lasting association where previous attempts had failed.

Over the years, NZEA has attracted increasing numbers and currently more than 500 industry professionals belong to the association.  Eventing the Future is the official conference of NZEA and provides the forum for the New Zealand Event Awards and the NZEA annual general meeting.

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