Jackie Blunt

Wellbeing Coordinator
Lincoln University
Jackie Blunt

Dr Jackie Blunt is a Wellness Coach and Educator who loves working with people to increase health, happiness and a deeper sense of wellbeing. She brings experience and inspiration from her work as a Wellness Coach, and combines this with in depth knowledge of brain and body health from her work as a GP, a Brainwave trust Aotearoa presenter, and a Yuan Gong Qigong and meditation teacher.

Jackie has been a GP for over 25 years, and worked in the wellness area for more than a decade. She has seen the results of constant unrelenting stress in a wide range of people and professional groups.  Recent findings on the effects of our modern life on the health of the brain and body support the very real need to learn strategies to relax and recharge on an everyday basis and from moment to moment.

Jackie teaches relaxation strategies from a wide range of areas including brain science, positive psychology, exercise science, qigong, mindfulness, and meditation.  She currently works as the Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Lincoln University, as a Brainwave Trust presenter, Yuan Gong teacher, and Alive to Life Wellness Coach.