Speakers 2019

Martijn Timmermans

Co-founder & Creative Director
The Red Line Project & Event Storyboard Canvas

Martijn’s career started in customer experience marketing at DisneyMarriott and Singapore Airlines.

For many years he served as preferred EU event partner for media agency, Kenwood Experiences, (acquired by George P. Johnson). Producing product releases, roadshows, conferences, seminars and trade show exhibitions.


In 2015  he developed a number of tools, such as  Event StoryBoard a strategic event design tool that synchronizes event design with event owners.  Martijin will be taking us through the Event Storyboard 2.0 experience showcasing this for the first time here in New Zealand (more about this later)


As event designer, Martijn has a keen interest in intrinsic motivation, personal growth, and organisational culture. In his approach he mixes design thinking , story telling and expressive writing and has created concepts for a wide array of events and clients; Amsterdam RAI, ASN Bank The Red Line Project (Fresh Conference Award for Best Session Design), RijkswaterstaatInvoyageICCA World Congress, and ZAAM (Golden Giraffe Award Best Congress).


AT ETF 2019 he will present and workshop under the broad theme of event redesign taking us through the design processes that synchronise event design with owners and audience’s needs, with the ultimate aim of boosting innovation, creativity and meaningfulness, all done via the medium of storytelling.


The Story Board Way to Create Experiences  

  • Design of events via the ageless medium of creating the story 
  • The process of synchronising event creation with event owner and audience needs 
  • Event design tools as a necessity 

Workshop: Event Story Board Canvas

  • A tour of the Story Board Canvas
  • Workshopping the creation of innovative, fast and visual storytelling design

Applying techniques to make event concepts meaningful, unique and personalized to the audience

Matthew Ellingsen

Co-founder & Design Director

Matthew co-founded Empathy to help organisations truly understand their customers, and design meaningful lasting relationships with them.

He trained at the internationally-renowned Central Saint Martins in London, specialising in design research and design psychology.

He has been able to interpret and connect analytical and creative angles from a young age, drawing on his musical abilities.

Matthew’s foresight of changing trends and behaviours helps businesses lead. He has led design teams in New Zealand and the UK and worked on significant projects for major organisations including Sony, Nike, Kiwibank, Sky TV, WCC, JUCY and MBIE (inc the New Zealand 2011 Office during Rugby World Cup).



Exploring Design Thinking to Build Your Organisation and Event Profile

  • Applying ‘human centred’ design principles to put event participants at the heart of your design thinking
  • Insights into developing bespoke design solutions for small and large event companies
  • Discussion around how participants think and feel at an emotional level and how this is used in the event design process for best effect

Workshop:  Human Centred Design Process

(Limit 25 people)

  • The steps to model a design process in live examples
  • Using a human-centered approach to create or re-invigorate your event or business

Julius Grafton

Founder & Owner
Entech Roadshow
IMG 851

Julius is an expert on event technology. He started out in business as a lighting designer in 1973, became an audio engineer and could be called a roadie from the halcyon days of Australian Pub Rock. Having hired, fired and inspired many he grew weary of the road and developed PTSD from using too much gunpowder and magnesium in his pyro. Please do not use flash photography in his presence. 


From 1990 he published what has become CX Magazine, which continues in print each month 29 years later, as the foremost technical journal for entertainment technology here and on the West Island. He established ENTECH Trade Show in 1994, sold it to a commercial mob in 2004, and bought it back for 1.5 cents in the dollar after they had finished breaking it.


For nine years he headed Julius Events College, a Registered Training Organisation offering Diploma courses in tech production and event management.  Currently, he is the publisher of CX and runs Entech Roadshow that operates in major cities throughout NZ and Australia along with other trade events. Julius holds formal qualifications in Management, Sound, Lighting and Training and is regarded as one of the most, if not the most knowledgeable Australian in the event technology field.


Tech it Up

  • What event professionals need to know about pro audio, lighting, staging and video and the things that can go wrong. 
  • How event design and technical production can work better together
  • What’s new, what’s great, and what doesn’t work within tech!