Deep Dive Labs

Deep Dive Lab is a new initiative for ETF modelled on Apples ‘genius bar’ idea where an ‘expert’ helps answer your questions, provides information, solves problems and create opportunities associated with a particular topic.  

After an introduction of the topic you will have the opportunity to share an issue, ask questions and discuss the subject in a free flowing lab session where the topic is explored and its application to your own events will be able to be discussed. 

The Deep Dive lab expert is there to help solve problems, suggest and discuss new ways of achieving results and share best practice. 



Expert and Facilitator

Understand the events-music industry links

  • Updates about the way the industry is changing and how musicians get music out into the world (update from 2017 presentation at ETF)
  • How to access music industry to bring talent to festivals and events 
  • Whats out there at present

Cushla Aston - Lecturer and Member Music Managers Forum

Social enterprise approaches to structuring your event and/or event organisation

  • What is social enterprise and why does it matter? 

  • How does it relate to events? 

  • Case Study from ETF (or SEWF) 

  • Case studies of other things events can do

Jason Pemberton – Motivational Speaker, Director You Think Ltd

Building events from scratch

  • Funding – Commercial vs Govt/Local Government funding
  • Concept creation – reinvent the wheel vs learn from similar
  • The challenges and opportunities of marketing a new concept

Sarah Lewis - Consultant, Sursumconsulting

Enhancing your social media

  • Targeted social media, right use for right situation for right audiences? 

  • Why events and social media have chemistry
  • Case studies  

Emily McLean – Social Media Manager, Commission for Financial Capability

Improving presentation techniques and materials

  • Presenting your events to gain support
  • Clarity and excitement (visually) in the message
  • Saying it  simply  

John Quinn - Presentologist, Audience Alive

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